Squirly’s back

Squirly has decided he wants some bluebird nuggets and he hangs on tight while it swings in the wind to get pieces of the nuggets through the wire.

He puts on quite a show and Cricket loves to sit and watch him if she is outside.

2 thoughts on “Squirly’s back

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  1. It’s freezing outside. I let my dogs out for a few minutes and they love this cold weather. Cars are sliding off the road and hitting the curbs on Bailey Rd. So glad the Robins are back. I see hundreds of them now.

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  2. I love the Robins. We lost power for exactly 24 hours on the mark. I was freezing in this house it was 48 degrees but we had the generator going and a heater in one room we were able to get it up to 62.4 degrees.I hope Texas gets rid of Ergot who made huge mistakes with this storm. Cricket was running like a fool yesterday crazy dog. The boxers were a bit more sensible.

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