The Texas cold blast

As many of you have heard Texas is one of many states getting the latest cold blast.

It is true ERCOT ( Electrical Reliability Council of Texas ) let Texas down and many of us lost power for us that meant we also lost water due to the water well being electric. We are all electric so there were no backup cooking options unless you wanted to try the gas grill in the freezing temperatures.

We were only without power for 24 hrs our house quickly went to 48 degrees. With a generator, we were able to keep one room at 62.5 degrees with the doors closed and a space heater. We could watch the regular channels on tv to keep up with the weather. We stayed under about 6 blankets and doubled layers of clothing.

We had some snow but very little. Just very cold temperatures 14 degrees F. being our lowest.

Now it’s Friday we still have power but no water. The water well broke some parts. We have had no water since Monday. So you have to get resourceful.

You find someone nearby with water and fill large containers for flushing the toilet, washing hands. If you need a bath you heat water and take a quick wash rag bath. Washing your hair is a bit more challenge it takes two people to not drown yourself. We heated water to wash dishes it works just a bit primative.

Lessons we have learned this time.

We will be getting more insulation blown into the house in the next couple of weeks for a cost of $1500.00. We are looking at buying a whole house generator that runs off propane for $10,000 the propane would mean not hunting for gasoline. Nothing else here is propane but it’s a good plan. Our oldest son Joshua has a friend who sells the whole house generators and so far I know of 5 people who are interested in purchasing one. We are all hoping he can work out a bulk purchase.

This is so rare for the Texas Gulf Coast most winters here we go without a freeze sometimes we get a few hours one night of a freeze but never 5-6 days of cold weather. We lost a lot of plants, lots of garden vegetables and other plants. Most things will come back but it just takes time.

We had enough food to get through the storm and the stuff in the fridge never got below 37 degrees because of the cold house so we did not lose it. We never opened the freezer.

Last night we got creative-made burgers on the grill wrapped them in lettuce added mayonnaise, tomato and we were good to go. We have been out of bread for three days.

All our pets were in the house and glad to get the heat back on again.

We are safe, warm and most of all counting our blessings. Life is Good!

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  1. Life does get rough at times. I was really fortunate when the grid went offline. I had a little prior experience with dealing with freezing temperatures with no resources due to medical reasons related to a work injury. One thing about propane is always make sure you have plenty on hand at all times. I have five 30 pound tanks and five 20 pound tanks and thirteen 1 pound refillable tanks for cooking. Really thought that was sufficient. People get caught in a cold snap they get desperate and buy all the propane. Thats understandable. I decided to purchase a 500-gallon tank so that I can operate in desperate times. Otherwise, I will be good for several years on 1 filling. I will convert my generator to propane. Solar lighting will happen next week. God was good to me in this storm.

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    1. We just had several butane tanks for the grill but we are 100% electric here. If we do buy a whole house generator it will be butane and we will have to purchase a tank. Glad you did well during this ice age storm Doug.

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      1. I did well. But a lot of people were not equipped to lose electricity and heat at the same time. I bought a 500 gallon propane tank and 200 gallons of propane. As soon as I can get more heaters and 1 pound refillable bottles It’s just hard to believe how many good honest people turn into price gougers when nature strikes. Won’t be able to help everyone but I will be able to help some.

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      2. Thank God you’re all good..i know it’s a miserable experience but I’m relieved you’re handling things. It’s situations like this is where community and heart of this country shows its kindness. Hopefully things will warm up soon.. stay safe

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      3. We came out pretty good we were blessed. One busted pipe and the ceiling came crashing down in the kitchen the well went out but was fixable. We had our first shower at our house last night after 7 days. Jack has a few more faucets to replace and then they should work. Boiling water to wash dishes is for the birds lol.

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      4. I am so sorry that you and so many others had to go through this. We finally got the water-well fixed Friday morning no hot shower for 5 days. I have a tankless hot water heater. I took a 45-minute hot shower. The things in life we take for granted simply amaze me. Propane laws are not designed to help others in need more on that later. God receives all glory. We are so much stronger now.

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  2. Last week when I told you that I like cold better than heat, I did not know what was in your future! What happened in Texas is awful. Glad you made it through OK. A lot of Texas was colder than up her in NH! I hope some warm weather is in your near future 🙂

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  3. Not clicking the ‘like’ button because I know this has been more terrible than you’re letting on. I’m glad you’re safe. I hope you can get water back soon though I suspect lots of people are going to need the well repair people and there might be a wait. Hope you can get bread soon too! We have a whole house generator and for the first 2 years after we got it we never needed it…but it makes me feel so much safer and I don’t worry when we get an ice storm anymore. That’s worth it right there. And yes, eventually we did need it for a day (so far we haven’t been out of electricity for more than 1 day, but it could happen up here easily enough.). The noise of it running sort of wears on you but on the other hand you’re so grateful for it that you put up with the noise!

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    1. Thank you Dawn. I was freezing but I am someone who hates the cold weather so it was pretty tough on me. I was so worried about my Koi/ Goldfish pond I could not add more water since we had no water and the top froze and the fish were barely moving. They are all alive and doing well I cracked the ice and promised them today I will add more water to the pond. We have the parts for the well $200.00 worth and today he will get it back on. Yesterday our nephew Jason, Brother in Law Chooch and son in law David all helped to get the well back into the ground and get it prepared for todays reconnect. Of the 4 family members living close to each other 3 of us lost our water, two so far have had water leaks and we are are keeping our fingers crossed we will not have leaks. I think the generators are for more peace of mind than anything else. Here it is unlikely we would need it again in the winter but most likely during hurricane season.

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      1. I think I will not only buy a 500-gallon tank but I will also get several heaters so no one has to go through this again. It’s easy to fill propane tanks. It only cost about 5.00 to fill a 20 pound cylinder you go to a propane place they want 14.50 The little jokesters were charging 20.00 cash only during the storm. I will show compassion because it was shown to me many times.


      2. Just bought a 500-gallon tank with 200 gallons of propane in it. Now 10 new safe portable indoor heaters. Got mine for 90.00 regular 170.00 in the middle of summer.


  4. The only time I used my generator was when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. It still starts like brand new. I was about to hook it up when the lights came back on. did not have water for ten days. And dogs that drank 5 gallons a day. They will have their own water well as soon as people get the crazy out of their systems.


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