These mourning doves were in the feeders last week.

They are so beautiful I love looking at them.

Most of the times the doves are not easily scared off. They just drop by to eat some seed and then they go on their merry way.

I love it when the wildlife comes to visit.

The wild flowers in a field

Wildflowers seeds are scattered through out the landscape. I love the way the birds decorate for us.

These tiny purple flowers are growing in the bahia field behind us. I have no idea what kind of flowers they are but they are very light purple and delicate looking.

Nature makes her beauty known with the help of the wildlife scattering the seeds and we get to enjoy the beauty all around us.

Squirly the acrobat

Squirly is around most days but usually in the backyard this was in the front yard.

On this particular day he decided to climb the tree go down the chain on the bird feeder and do acrobats upside down eating sunflower seeds. Every time he needed a seed he grabbed one from the side section and then went back upside down to eat it.

He is quite talented to say the least and has a very good grip.

When he left I went to see about how many he had ate my guess would be 50 or so hulls on the ground.

Wildlife inspires me to do the impossible.


I love sunflowers but sometimes the birds plant them in strange places.

This year we had 3 large plants that came up smack dab in the middle of the front flower bed and they were 10 – 12 feet tall.

Once I had enough Jack cut them down and fed them to my brother in laws chickens.

They always face towards the sun which is backwards to where you are looking.

I have no idea what kind these were but they were tall plants but the flowers were tea cup or smaller.

The wildlife always contributes to the landscape in one way or another and we appreciate your contribution.

Peter Cottontail

Peter cottontail is around our house most of the day. I think he sleeps here in a flower bed.

I get to capture his pics fairly easily because he is not skittish. This will probably be a bad thing later on for him.

Today he came from the pasture down the road and was just resting in the shade and listening to what we were saying.

We are surrounded by wildlife and sometimes I get to capture in on camera. This truly makes my day.

Squirly is back again

Squirly moves all around our yard and sometimes has a friend in tow.

He has to be careful so he does not get chased by the dogs or a cats. Then there are the hawks that always looking for a quick meal.

In this picture he was on the side deck pasture feeders.

Wildlife is threatened on a daily basis we all need to do our part to help it out.

Look outdoors and enjoy the show wildlife has to offer.

Cottontail rabbit

We see quite a few rabbits in our pasture about 30 minutes before sunset.

This one made it up onto our side deck and let me take a few pics.

I think his name is Peter Cottontail because he was near the vegetable garden before he was on the deck.

I get so excited to see all the different wildlife around us and I try to capture it on camera when I can.

When wildlife flourishes all around you this makes everyday a perfect day.

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling

Yesterday I kept hearing a baby bird cry every time I went in the backyard.

I knew the bluebirds had been nesting but I could see them go into the birdhouse and leave. I thought my hearing might be off but a little while later I heard it was stronger so I knew there was a baby on the ground.

I went into the secret garden to check it out there it was in the hot sun on hot concrete stepping stones since I had my camera with me I grabbed a couple of pics. I knew I needed to move this little one from where it was at.

The first pic she looks like she has on a helmet. The second one is “are you my mother” I am screaming at you.

I had to get her into the shade but when I tried she landed into the tadpole pond. I got her out on a stick and placed it in the shade.

By this time I am being dive bombed by two eastern blue birds the little ones two parents. They head straight at you and you think they are going to hit you but at the last minute they go up and fly away.

I left it there went back later it was hidden in the bushes so once again I got it out placed it in the shade in the grass. More dive bombing by the parents.

The third time I went out it was the opposite side in the bushes ok the parents will never see it like this so I decided I need to figure something out. Here come the parents to keep me away once again.

I decided to feed it had been hours on the ground. I mixed up a messy watery batch of canned pate dog food. I placed in a syringe and fed the hungry little bird. He ate good but I knew I needed a solution for him hiding in the bushes.

It dawned on me to put a hanging basket with some grass and hang it up low and this worked for a few hours but she back out again.

I have been dive bombed about 4 times but all is good they are just protecting their baby.

She looks to have all her feathers but I think she is a few days off from flying. Now when she sees me she opens her mouth lol.

The Eastern Bluebirds had a hard time during our February freeze and we lost a lot of them. I just want to do my part to help build back up this population in our area.

Wildlife has a way of finding me and I feel the need to do my part to help it out when I can. I can not resist taking a few pictures along the way.


Every time we turn around something in our world is changing.

As we get older we like changes less and less.

Our youngest daughter Jeanelle her husband David and their 4 kids just bought 25 acres near Livingston, Texas.

They will be putting their house on the market in the next six weeks and moving 1 1/2 hours away from us.

The good news is David will still be working in and around Houston so the kids can always hitch a ride to our house.

This is a dream of there’s to have a big piece of property for the kids to run around and explore. Making trails in the piney woods will be great fun for them. This is great for the dogs and the cows which are both in need of more room.

They have wanted a barndominium for a very long time and this is the chance to get one. Their bid was excepted on the land, the earnest money is paid the survey is happening this week. Hopefully they will do closing in the next 30days.

In case you are wondering what a barndominium is its a metal type building on a slab but the shapes vary and some look just like a house but are built out of metal.

As soon as the closing is completed they will get the well, septic and electricity installed before they head that direction.

They are on the waiting list to build a barndominium it seems there is a 12 week wait for them to start. This involves a deposit to hold it at the current price.

Our daughter suggested we move there. The housing market is very hot right now in our area so its a good time to sell.

We help out with my mother n law who is 92 years old so we can not move away from here full time. We share this responsibility with one of my brother n laws and sister n law. It works out good sharing this responsibility but there are 3 sons and only two sons and their wives are sharing this responsibility.

We have not ruled out building a weekend house I like the houses with lots of tall windows in the woods. I would have great places to photograph and there would be much more wildlife to see. I love winding paths in the woods with tall trees and nature right beside you.

Life is full of changes we learn to adapt, change and move forward.

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