Squirly in the birdbath

Squirly shows up pretty often in our backyard this time he was in the birdbath getting a drink. His facial expression was priceless.

After I saw him standing in the birdbath I knew I needed to refill them normally I can see the water from the den window.

Cricket chased him the other day she thought she could catch him I knew he would be fine.

If it were Zoee I would have been concerned because she is super fast.

The days we have a chance to see wildlife and photograph it is amazing.

Red-winged blackbird

The red – winged blackbirds are most often seen in groups.

I think they are a pretty bird and do not mind them at my bird feeders but they do eat a lot and can clean out a bird feeder really quick.

Often times the males are seen bowing up at each other trying to decide whos the boss.

Natures beauty is always around even during the wintertime.

Woodpeckers are everywhere

This morning in our large oak tree was about 7 Red- Bellied Woodpeckers I was able to get a few good pictures.

I love these crazy birds that eat upside down. I found this feeder empty a few days ago and decided to refill it and I have seen the woodpeckers and the titmouse eating out of it.

Birding is one of the biggest bright spots in my days.

Life is GOOD!

Squirly’s back

Squirly has decided he wants some bluebird nuggets and he hangs on tight while it swings in the wind to get pieces of the nuggets through the wire.

He puts on quite a show and Cricket loves to sit and watch him if she is outside.

Squirly is back

This time Squirly helped hisself into enlarging one of my gourd birdhouses.

I made these a few years ago and had a great time painting them.

The hole is huge and I am sure he was trying to make it so he could fit in there. Maybe he just wanted a napping place. I expect at any time he will have a rubber stamp and start stamping everything with “Squirly was here”.

Wildlife can always put a smile on your face just stop and take notice what wildlife is in your own backyard.


These little chickadees love this new food I ordered from Chewy.

C & S Bluebird Nuggets Wild Bird Food it was a 8# box for $9.77.

I was hoping to attract the bluebirds to eat it but the chickadees love it too. I just filled it back up again this morning.

We currently have 2 feeders in the front yard, 3 on the side, and 4 in the backyard. I mix chicken scratch and black oiled sunflower seeds for the feeders. It is important to use different types of feeders to attract more kinds of birds.

The joy of watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders brings nature into our backyard and I get to photograph it in return. It is a win-win situation for us all. LIFE IS GOOD!

Eastern Bluebirds

The Eastern Bluebirds nest about 3 times a year but some of them keep coming back to this same nest in the orange birdhouse.

This bird house needs to be repainted but I have to catch it without birds in it or without birds trying to nest.

I found a great deal for our grandson Andrew some wood scraps for making birdhouses. He loves to build stuff and never has enough wood. Someone had 200 pieces of picket fence cut offs 10″ long by 5″ wide for $10.00 I gave them $20.00 because I felt like it was worth it.

We delivered the wood to him yesterday and all the siblings helped unload. I ordered 4 birdhouses 1 for each of them to paint bright colors for me. We will see when Andrew gets these built but hopefully this weekend.

Providing homes for our feather friends is something I truly enjoy.

Peek a Boo

We have an old dog pen that is in the corner of the backyard that is roughly 15ft x 30ft the grandkids call it the secret garden because it is secluded and you do not know its there.

It is almost hidden the fence has Cana lilies and trumpet vine growing on the fence and towering over the fence is morning glory bushes 8 – 10 ft. tall. On the inside and outside are purple showers. There are spider lilies, day lilies Louisiana iris and paperwhites.

There is a large bird house a few several small birdhouses and bird feeders as well as what was intended on being a tadpole frog pond that needs the liner replaced but it might become a new turtle pond.

Sometimes you get a surprise and the friendly peek a boo squirrel will peak his head out of a bird house I think he is trying to make it his home he is enlarging the hole see the shavings on his face.

There are always birds in there eating the seed I put out and most of them are not that shy.

There is a bench to sit on and enjoy the view you are hidden from anyone seeing you that’s why its called a secret garden.

I truly enjoy the wildlife and I am grateful they like the secret garden.

Woodie Woodpecker

The birds have been flying all over since the latest rain and cold front.

I caught these two red – bellied woodpeckers hanging out at the feeders. The one on the right looks a bit older than the one on the left I believe they are both juveniles.

Every time I see woodpeckers I think of the woody woodpecker cartoon that was so popular during my childhood.

Nature at its finest showing off for me and my camera.

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