The great ginger comeback

Last February we had that really bad freeze and my ginger died back all the way to the ground.

I thought I was going to lose it all but this is a picture I took this week.

It is about one foot shorter than it was last year and very full. I doubt it blooms this year but I am grateful it did not die.

Sometimes plants will survive extremely cold temperatures even when the odds are against them.

Hide and Seek

Zoee loves to play with the squirrels.

She chases them around the backyard and they run up trees to hide from her.

When the squirrel is hidden that drives Zoee crazy. She goes tree to tree hopping on her back legs trying to find her friend the squirrel.

This game entertains Zoee for an hour and she comes in exhausted.

A cardinal posed on a fence

This male cardinal posed on our jasmine fence.

It saw me taking pictures out the french door but seemed not to care.

Sometimes birds can be camera hogs too.

The bright red bird hiding in the twigs of the jasmine and with the green pasture behind made a striking picture.

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