My Dads Birthday

Today would have been my dad’s 81st. birthday.

My dad either liked you or he didn’t there was no in-between.

Dad wanted a better life for us than he had as a kid. Our parents saw to it we had everything we wanted or needed and we were very grateful. As an adult, I learned to appreciate this much more.

Dad, I  miss you more each day, month, and year that you are gone but I will never forget you.

Happy Birthday, Dad, I love you and give mom a hug for me.

This is my 500th. post on this blog talk about good timing.









We adopted Stripey and Harry from a mama cat that deserted her kittens about 5 years ago.

Stripey disappeared a few years ago and Harry in the last few weeks they are both missed very very much. I liked having outside cats around that way there was mouse control for the sheds and the barn.

We are down to two cats Mr. Bird and Puffy Tail they are inside/outside cats and around 9 years old.


The fall garden

Jack has been busy getting the gardens ready to plant.

He plants in the regular garden the raised gardens and the greenhouse.

Currently lots of lettuce, cabbage, spinach, collard greens, mustard greens, and swiss chard.

I have no idea what else will be planted I do not even try to guess it anymore.

I just want my gourd seeds planted and my loofa seeds.

We have been giving everything away since the COVID19 Pandemic we felt like it was our way to give back to the community.

This fall our plans are to sell some vegetables.

Hopefully, I will have some pics in the next month.


A splash of purple

Mexican Heather is one of those plants you can buy that keeps putting on a show all year long.

It is actually false heather not sure how it got its name.

It’s fairly inexpensive and works out great as a border around a flower bed.  We probably have somewhere around 30 of these plants. They work out great for a spot of color in an area that might not have a lot of colors.

They seem to like it in the sun or partial shade they do well in both areas.



Snore Supplies

Our grandson Adrian is 4 years old and the youngest of the 7 grandkids.

He told his mom they needed to get Snore Supplies at first she could not figure out what he meant then she realized he wanted Smore Supplies.  He wanted to make smores on the fire pit.

Grandkids you gotta love them!

Birds on a wire

I took this picture back in the fall of 2015 but I love it.

There are places in our area that the birds gather on the high lines right before dark and that is the best time to get a picture like this because the lighting is not to bright.

I think this picture reflects the way our society is. Some people love being part of a large group others prefer small groups and some like going it all alone.

This is a story about Life and I think the birds understand it better than we do.

Sweet Potato Vine

This sweet Potato Vine was started from a few sprigs off another plant I had.

We had built small flower beds in front of the greenhouse to add interest little did we know this would happen. Now it is about 5ft. tall and 8 ft. wide.

This is pretty much in full sun from 10 a.m. on. The lizards seem to like it.

Some things like growing in Manvel, Texas. I think from this plant I will start a bunch of small ones to sell next spring.

Around here we are always thinking up ideas.

My stent

You have to love family genetics and those lovely things you inherit from your family.

I told my cardiologist about my grandfathers history of the PAD and that I felt like my leg pain was related to this.

This had been going on for about 10 months but we were concentrating on my heart valve replacement then COVID hit and we just had to wait.

I went from 12,000 steps a day down to 3000 on a good day the pain was severe just walking 30 foot.

Severe leg pain, charlie horses at night, numbing pain and then the leg would get hot which I thought was a nerve pain it was like in a line. The worst of it was the stabbing pain in the middle of the thigh and the top in the crease of your leg. The skin on that leg was scaly looking and shiny. My leg was not discolored or cold.

In early August I was given the venous and arterial doppler it showed up on this but not the severity of it. The Dr said well you were right! I love it when I get credit for my own diagnosis especially from the Dr.!

He suggested we do an angiogram to see how bad it really was. I had that done on Wednesday of this week.

The first step was the injection of the dye this artery is like an upside down Y so it was the top right side of the upside down Y.

What he found next even shocked him. Total occlusion of the aortoiliac artery. He said you will find 30% even 60% but it very rate to see total occlusion and I was the first time he had seen it. I love the fact I got to watch this all on large screens and the dr continued to talk to me about what he was doing.

He said this was 100% hereditary there was nothing I could have done different to change this.

They ran balloons several times through my arteries clearing the path and enlarging the opening for blood flow. I could feel the balloon being inflated in my arteries it was a weird pressure type feeling that eventually went to a cramping pain. Once the mesh looking stent was in place the arteries lit up like a Christmas Tree on the screen and once again there was blood flow to the leg.

The stents last about 10 years then have to be replaced.

I think the hardest part of the whole thing was laying in a hospital bed for 5 hours and keeping my legs straight so I did not bleed out.

I have to add plavix to my list of meds a blood thinner that prevents clots and heart attacks and I will be dropping the other one for now.

My advice is if you are 50 yrs old or older and have good insurance get a venous and arterial doppler to look at the veins and arteries. If you do not have good insurance check on the cash pay option which should be around 300.00 per test. If this is in your family history you may get checked sooner.

I have my follow up in a few weeks and will have my list of questions ready.. Aortoiliac occlusive Disease ( AIOD) is a manifestation of Periphereal Arterial Disease also known as (PAD). The dr drew a diagram of before and after to show my husband exactly where the issue was at. Ironically one of my pain sites in the upper thigh was where the blockage was.

When you have Dr.’s who pay attention to what your saying it can save your life.

When you are having a procedure like this it is great to have a few loved ones watching over you. Thank you Dad and Mom!








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