Computer issues

About a month ago my computer was having problems with an update.

It crashed and I worked on it for 5 hours last Sunday and had no luck. Yesterday I took it into the shop and paid extra for them to save my pictures.. They do feel all these issues seem to be caused by WIN10.

If you remember I never authorized to have WIN10 it just installed one night. If you happen to have it be warned there is an update causing computers to shut down completely.

This time my screen went black with a blinking cursor and there was no combination of keys, holding power buttons , or even the F keys to get it out of this stage.

I should have it back by Friday so my fingers are crossed all goes well with my pictures. I am on my laptop which I do not like because I am use to using my big monitor. I will be back to posting soon.



DIY yard art

Some of you may remember about 4 1/2- years ago I had found these doors at the Habitat for Humanity store in Houston.

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do with them then one day I decided that our side deck area was the perfect place. I had intended on painting them but the colors they were already worked quite well and I liked the faded paint look.

Everyone that saw the doors loved them and thought it was such a great idea. I used them for about 4 years just like this. The frames around the outside edges started rotting. We were going to just chunk all 3 doors.

I started thinking about the slats in the doors.The brown and blue slats were in great condition so what I needed now were square frames to insert them in.I got my husband to build them. Thank goodness my husband can see my visions lol.

Thank goodness my husband can see my visions lol.

The blue slats had tiny pegs at each end which made using them the easiest. My husband just drilled holes and inserted them and glue them into 2 x 4’s. For a change, I decided all 3 needed to be painted the same color.

Since they looked a bit to plain to me I wanted to add craft mirrors in a few shapes around the edges. Liquid nails worked out great to glue them with but do not get too much or they will slide off.

These interior doors hung in someone’s home for years, then on our side deck area as art doors for 4 years and now once again they have been repurposed into window art.

DIY is a lot of fun and considering we only paid $5.00 a door, to begin with, I really think we have gotten our money’s worth out of these old doors.

Repurposing something you already have is a good way to get creative without having to buy anything new.

Decorating outdoor areas and adding splashes of color is a good way to brighten up an area and make it feel fresh and welcoming.




Through the trees

When taking pictures through the trees and brush on a fence line you need to decide what you really want in focus.

I named this image “Through the Trees” it was taken in Texas on a fall overcast day and it had been drizzling rain most of that day.

If you venture off the main roads down a few country roads you can often find some of the best things hidden away.

The neutral fall colors of the brown grass and the bare tree limbs allowed this red barn to really stand out.


Azalea time | Manvel, Texas Photographer

In our part of Texas near the gulf coast, the winters are mild and springtime comes early.

Right now the Azaleas are starting to bloom. I planted Azaleas because they were my grandmother’s favorite she even told me what colors to get. It is hard to believe these plants are at least 35 years old.

They bloom their hearts out each and every year and never disappoint me. In March, we tend to have some windy days so sometimes it blows off their blooms. March is usually a rainy month so if the wind does not get the blooms the rain does.

We had a lot of wind and rain last week that destroyed the beauty of my blooms. These pictures were taken in years past.

Have you ever planted a flower or bush in your yard because of your grandmother or mother?

Springtime in Texas is my favorite time of year because the temperatures are perfect and everything is coming alive again.



Saving the honey bees

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Wish

I wish there was more we could do to save the honey bees.

We plant the flowers, trees, and shrubs that they love to pollinate and we never mow the clover down until it dies. We see a lot of honey bees, bumble bees, and butterflies on our flowering plants.

Through the years my husband and I have kept this in mind when buying plants.

The honey bees are great for our gardens. When we help the bees they help us in return it is a win – win situation for all of us.

Our pasture is an empty field and this time of year the clover pops up everywhere we mow around the clover mounds for the bees. They love the clover and we feel like we’re helping out the honey bee population.

Here are a few pictures of the clover in our pasture. It actually looks nice mowed like this.

There are more clover mounds this year than the last few years but we have had years the entire pasture was solid clover. We are not sure what happened to all of it.

When the clover dies off this year we will mulch it for our garden since it is chalked full of nitrogen and it is very good for your garden and yards.

Through the years we have watched the population of the honey bees decline drastically. I really wish there was more we could do.

We’re not beekeepers we are just concerned about the welfare of the honey bees in our area.




Color does matter

In the fall you will notice redbirds more than any other time.That is because the males are such a bright red.

Here he really stands out in this wisteria that has lost its leaves and flowers.

It will not be long because the leaves and flowers are starting to come out. The birds will once again hide and not be seen.


Boxer bear Daisy

Daisy and I have been having a lot of fun in the studio.

Her serious face cracked me up in this picture but it was perfect for the Boxer Bear hat.

Normally it is just the two us so getting her to look on cue and hold my camera at the same time can be tricky. I normally sit on the ground so that were on the same level so I am not shooting down at her.

We have learned to work together and accomplish what we need to in about 10 minutes time as long as I have plenty of treats.

I think it is time to order a new 11 x 14 for the wall lol.


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