About me

I am a portrait, landscape and wildlife photographer who lives in Texas with my husband Jack. We have been married for the last 42 years.

We have two boxer dogs Daisy who is  7 years old and Zoee who is  2 years old. We also have a double registered Cane Corso Cricket who is 9 months old.

Along with that, we have cats, birds and a koi/goldfish pond in our backyard.

We love working in our yard and spending time outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air.

I love photography, crafts and just about any DIY. Finding new projects on Pinterest is one of my favorite things to do. The moments we capture with our cameras today become the memories of tomorrow.

In November of 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer with lymph node involvement I had my first surgery in December and in 6 weeks time I went through 3 surgeries. My last surgery was in January 2018.

In the spring of 2018, I completed my radiation.

I started on the Aromatase Inhibator they wanted me to take for five years the first one was Femara and months later I was switched to Exemestane.

They know these drugs have horrible side effects but will offer you a medication to relieve the symptoms. Who wants to take a medication to relieve symptoms of another medication.

I have had extreme bone and joint pain, arthritis like pain in my hands where I could not use my hands. I already had migranes but this drug made those much worse & more frequent. I developed TMD or TMJ of my jaw the pain was so bad it lasted all day and night. The pain radiated into my ears because the jaw joint and the ears are so closly related. I am in pain 24/7 this has been horrible. I started noticing memory issues.

My dentist suggested I try plasma injections using my own blood and we did this 4 times and my jaw was lots better.

You have to be strong enough to take a stand if you are having bad side affects from a drug.

I have been trying to dull the pain of my jaw with tylenol and tylenol pm so I can sleep at night.

I know what is best for me and my body and these drugs are not it. I am a very strong person with a really high pain tolerance and I refuse for any drug to be what takes me down.

Cancer changes who you are because you go from being a victim to becoming a survivor.

Life is good and I thank god for the life he has given me.

This is my wonder woman breast cancer survivor sticker I have on my back truck window. I am proud of myself for fighting cancer and becoming a survivor. My sticker is to remind every woman how important it is to get a yearly mammogram.

If you want a positive life you have to remove the negative people & do not let anyone bring you down you are in control of who you want to be a part of your life.

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