Crickets pups

Cricket had about 20 hours of labor.

Jeanelle came in from Livingston to help me she knew I would be panicking and trust me I was.

There was a lot of panting, heavy breathing, teeth chattering and shaking. First labors are never easy and a big litter can be tough on the mom.

She started having pups around 10:30 a.m. yesterday morning and did not finish until about 12:00 p.m.

The first 4 pups came in 2 hours then she started stretching out the time between them from her exhaustion of the long labor.

She even had some good snoring naps and delivered pups while sleeping.

We ended up with 14 puppies, 3 were stillborn and the 4th faded on the first day. We have 10 healthy puppies right now. I am hoping there are no new pups that popped up in the night.

We were grabbing pups and making sure the sack comes off quickly so they can breathe and then making sure she cleans them then drying and rubbing them to get them going it was quite exhausting. After all that you have to make sure they start sucking. It is quite overwhelming.

The picture I am sharing Jeanelle got with her cell phone I will try and get some pics today of everyone.

She would have a girl then a boy and kept alternating this part was too funny. There are a mixture of Formantinos like dad and Brindle like Cricket. Today I will get an accurate count since we need to do weights anyway then collar them with soft color collars.

This Formantino male pup was determined to snuggle at one point under her ear Jeanelle got a picture of that too.

There are new puppies at our house and Crickets pups can make some noise!

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    1. I ended up editing this post because there were some changes. During the night she had more pups but the labor was too long and they did not make it. We lost 4 pups of the 14 Cricket had 3 were stillborn and one faded on day 1. All 10 are doing well today is Day 5.


    1. Thanks Trent. That is ALOT of pups lol. Nell has this pup feeder she paid $500.00 for its a silicone thingy. I am going to supplement the girls which are thinner than the boys. This way they get that extra boost + mamas milk.\

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  1. That’s one of life’s disappointments. We just don’t realize how much we love our furry friends until something negative happens to them. So sorry Sonya.


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