Cricket swallowed a watermelon

Cricket has decided to blossom and I do mean twice the size of the last pictures.

Everything is ready to go including the nanny cam.

She is carrying the pups deep from her back to her belly. That is one big belly.

We have had a lot of heavy breathing going on the last week they are running out of room. Jeanelle thinks there is 12 plus puppies. I HOPE NOT!

She is MUCH bigger than the pictures show I can not seem to get a good angle to show her true size.

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  1. This guy I know has 2 female English Mastiff’s the first litter of puppies from one of his dogs had 18 puppies he sold every one of them before they were born for 5000.00 each. I have had some excellent dogs over the past 60 years and I have never paid a penny for any of them. I bet Cricket will have 15 pups. I also bet 3 of them will be brindle too.

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    1. I know she will have probably have 10 – 12. The dad is formentino she is grey brindle so I am guessing a few brindle hopefully a few formentino and maybe a grey or two. She has deposits on so far and she never advertises until pups are two weeks old.

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  2. The guy I am talking about sent his three girls to Texas A&M with them two dogs. That could be stressful. They usually only have 8 – 12 pups. That was a freak first litter. Inside his house too. They used artificial insemination which is weird also. But to each their own they say.

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    1. I know Raven had a litter of 13, and one of 12. I know Storm has 3 first litter a few months ago. Cricket looks really big so I am thinking its a big litter not that I want her to have to deal with that many.

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