Watching airplanes

One of Crickets favorite things to do is watch the airplanes fly over our house.

We are about 16 miles from one of Houston’s major airports William P. Hobby.

They change the flight patterns a few different ways every so often the planes fly low over the house. I mean low enough to read what plane it is.

Cricket watches the planes in the sky like she is amazed. I visualize her saying “Da Plane Da Plane” like on the show Love Boat many years ago.

It brings me joy watching our dogs reactions to different things. Life is good!

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  1. I just thought Rooster was weird. He does the same exact thing. Life Flight fly’s directly overhead several times each day their fixed base for maintenance and fuel is Clover Feild. I guess my eyes are to dim to see the numbers. But I can usually identify by the sound. Been around jet engines for a long time.

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  2. Whoa, that is one big, and loud, bird! A little over a month ago I bought a pullup/chinup bar. I can’t use it when Fiyero is around because he goes crazy. I think that as my feet slowly leaves the ground he believes I am levitating! Stop it, Daddy, and get back here on the ground!

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