Affordable care act

The affordable care act is honestly the biggest joke there has ever been for insurance.

I do not qualify for medicare because I am to young I know I am not the only one stuck in this gap for health insurance.

The paperwork on ACA will let you know if you qualify for $400 – $800.00 a month in assistance for health insurance.

First of all has anyone ever paid $800 a month for insurance?

That’s not your part this is the part the government will pay towards your part. You will have to pay another $250.00 – $300.00 depending on the coverage you pick and if you want to use this discount you can ONLY pick a silver plan which are more expensive.

The plan I am currently looking at will cost us $275.00 a month.

Your insurance could be costing $1050.00 a month with your part and the governments part. REALLY!

Think about it long and hard before you retire from your job with good health insurance.

This year I was forced to do cash pay for a lot of my testing and even doing that it was less than one months insurance premium under the ACA.

Work related insurance can not discriminate against you for preexisting conditions. ACA plans can not hold preexisting conditions against you.

All private insurance can and will not pay for preexisting conditions but I bet its cheaper monthly than ACA plans.

This is not something people 60 and over should have to worry about. Maybe we need to lower the age of Medicare to 60.

Someone find a solution to our healthcare crisis and do not let them discriminate about pre-existing conditions. Most people take a medication for something.

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  1. The only reason I can come up with why I always comment is the years that I have spent wondering how this affordable stuff went from 400.00 for my family to 800,00 and the deductable went from 500.00 to 1000.00 then it increased to 5000.00 this has taken a toll on my brain. Affordable my foot. You better make 40 to 60 dollars an hour or you are going to be faced with medical issues. And we keep letting them represent us. We are the culprits.

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    1. The health care plan options in the United States is honestly messed up. It needs someone to figure it out. To me affordable means under 200 a month. Most people can not afford our healthcare options and must do cash pay its much cheaper if you think about it. You can get a cash pay cat scan for $300.00 and most deducts are 2500 – 5000.00. Well who wants to pay that if you can cash pay cheaper. Medicaid Part B is not much better Jacks is $150.00 a month.

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  2. I believe it’s called Medicare Part B and that’s what I pay for as well. Really I should cancel it because I solely use the VA. Even for my meds if I was to need any.

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