Ducks and social distancing

These black-bellied whistling ducks frequent our bird feeders. I can walk out there and they do not budge they are use to me and my camera.

We have lost several tala trees/ trash trees they have gotten some kind of disease. My husband hates these trees but we are letting them fall down on their own since the wildlife loves them.

The woodpeckers love pecking the dead trees.

The ducks are always in this particular tree I refer to it as the duck tree.

It looks like most are social distancing even the ducks can follow the rules its to bad most people can’t.


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  1. You know the Chinese Tala tree is considered a foreign invasive tree. Their roots sure liked finding there way to a septic system. And their shade would rot a roof out asap. Our enemies know how to drain our pocketbooks. Most can do very little with no cash. They do produce some magnificent colors come fall though.

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    1. They are quite invasive. We use to have a sheep that loved to eat the tala trees he was our pet named Jim. Talas are one of the few things with pretty fall leaves in our area of Texas.

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    2. Doug is the email address you have registered on here a good one? I will email you information on some garden vegetables.


  2. You know they might be a foreign invasive, but I like them. Knowing the damage they inflict I just keep them at a safe distance. Goats and sheep love to eat them heck poison ivy is a goats favorite meal. This neck of the woods it the only true fall colors all in one tree.

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