Ivy – Pothos

I have been growing ivy for years. My grandmother always grew it so I wanted to grow it.

We always have about 10 very large hanging baskets full of ivy. some are 7 foot long. We always have to cut it and trim it so we have lots of ivy to give away.

A piece of ivy ended up in our gravel bog. It started crawling out and here’s the size of the monster ivy. It has now crawled out about 10 feet.

That is a glass marble on the ivy leaf it is the size of a nickel so you can see the size of this leaf. They are so massive.

In the second picture, I have a regular ivy with the stalk beside the bigger one and its stalk. Notice the big stalk is as big around as your thumb. Look at the small leaf on the big leaf and then look behind that to see the stalk.

The bog has fish waste in it and evidently, the ivy loves it. Now fish waste ( fish poop) is not the same as fish emulsion ( fish skin, oil, scales, and bones) so do not confuse the two.

When we do a water exchange we will put the water we pump out into 25-gallon buckets and put it in the lawnmower wagon and take it to the raised garden tomato plants in the backyard.

This can be another project to see what does fish waste to do tomato plants and tomatoes. There will be more to come on this soon.

Life is good here at the Lira house there is always something exciting going on.


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