Navigating Health Insurance

Has anyone been through the nightmare of having to find insurance on your own and you are not eligible for medicare yet?

My husband is retiring in 7 weeks and I have to find my insurance. His will be easy enough but I am younger than he is.

The first time I checked on this early last year I made the MISTAKE of giving the online form my phone number. I kid you not by the time I pushed enter my phone started ringing and I was getting 40 – 50 calls a day.

Now all those calls are blocked one by one I got rid of them.

I have a friend who suggested Humana insurance. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

What I would like is low monthly payments low deductable and prescription care coverage.

Please no Salespeople!

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  1. And your not a veteran correct? Ever since Obamacare went into effect my health care has been a nightmare, an increase of deductable from 500.00 to 7000.00. Can’t afford a common cold now. I go to the VA hospital and they take very good care of me. I am on medicare but I still use the VA.


    1. Neither of us is a veteran. Well, Humana is good for those with medicare it’s only $18.00 a month but they do not sell to those under 65 without medicare.

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  2. You Americans certainly have a problem here. Europe generally has good public healthcare, notably here in UK with our NHS. Why do Americans vote for politicians who will not give them what should be a basic of a civilised society? Sorry, this does not help your problem, but do vote Democrat!

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    1. Healthcare here has always been an issue. It is so expensive it makes it hard for normal people to afford it. I hear people say they pay $300.00 a month for one person.

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    2. A society that does not care about the elderly, unborn, veterans, God, ect. Is a very questionable society. Healthcare is a very touchy subject for most. But they will get it straight. Or they will be ill at ease till they do.


  3. And Sonya 300.00 a month seems cheap compared to some of the outrageous prices and deductibles that I have heard people pay especially if they have preexisting conditions. Oh, it’s a big fat mess we have got ourselves into.


    1. I am sure there is a solution to the health care crisis in the United States but I really do not know what that is. We were paying 280 a month through my husbands work just for me they paid for his insurance. There was a 1500 deductable we paid 40 a month on some scripts but 1/2 the year we paid nothing. Now we know were going to be paying about 165 a month for his I need to find something decently priced for me.

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  4. I wish you the best. Yall’s healthcare sounds so affordable. I hear so many nightmares. I just go to the VA. Medicare cost me 145.00 a month I might have to check into that further.


  5. Now if my memory serves me correctly. I am responsible for 20% of the bill or something like that. In this country, you can’t even afford to die.


    1. Since my husband is retiring at the end of the month we have to find new insurance for me. It is a nightmare 3- 600.00 a month and very high deductibles and out of pocket whoever said health insurance was affordable lied!

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  6. It is sickening what we have allowed our representatives to get away with. If I or you were to do what has been done to those that we love we would be in prison.


    1. I agree our healthcare really is in bad shape and its not affordable for everyone like its supposed to be. I think its sad that something has not been done to fix this issue.

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    1. I would love to see something like Medicare for all. Health Insurance is outrageous I was quoted a price of $198.00 a month but was charged $374 needless to say I cancelled that one.

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    2. I have no idea what should be done about our medical stuff. But one thing I do know is most Americans are just a couple of paydays from being homeless. Even closer now with all this virus dilemma. We cant only afford to get sick we can’t even afford to die. It is crazy.


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