Covid Vaccination

I received my first Covid vaccination March 6 and my second March 27. I had the Pfizer injections.

These injections are timed out 3 weeks apart.

I have had no serious side effects from either injection. I was prepared because I have allergic reactions to a lot of medications mostly antibiotics.

There is a small red spot on my arm that started out the size of a dime the first day then a nickel then a quarter now day 2 it’s about the size of a half of dollar from the second injection. It is slightly raised like a mosquito bite and felt a little bruised for about 24 hrs. This is not bad at all it is slightly itchy I can tell it’s an allergic reaction but I knew this would happen with me so I was prepared.

I had to travel about 16 miles to get my shot at a large clinic but since there were people there coming from Katy I felt like 16 miles was nothing. This clinic has been doing 900 vaccinations every weekend.

Texas reopened our state against my better judgment but noone asked me my opinion.

While we were driving for my 2nd vaccine on Saturday I could not help but notice all the crowded restaurants honestly are people that desperate to eat out at a crowded place with everyone not wearing masks?

Everyone, please get their vaccinations and do not be scared of them. We have to get rid of Covid so our lives can return to normal and we need everyone’s cooperation to do this.

Be smart wear your mask wash your hands often and get your vaccines. Let us all do our part to end COVID.

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  1. I’m glad you had no reaction to your second Pfizer vaccine. I had my first Pfizer last Thursday, scheduled for my second 4/14. Not looking forward to that one because my husband had such a bad reaction from his second Pfizer. But I AM looking forward to being fully vacinated. We will still be careful, we won’t go to crowded places but at least I can have dinner on the back deck with my neighbors who are also fully vacinated. We haven’t seen each other except to wave across our yards since last spring. They were wonderful when my husband and I were sick with covid. I’d like to have them over for dinner soon.

    I think people are extremely tired of it all, but still. I, too, see parking lots full of cars and wonder what people are thinking. We’re never going to get through this without everyone doing their part. It makes me sad to think my brother-in-law didn’t have to die in October if we had gotten control of this virus sooner. He died 7 months into it, you’d think by then we’d have been better. But I guess not.


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