Cotton Candy Pink

These Crepe Myrtles always remind me of pink cotton candy.

The trees turn bright pink and they bloom for about 1 1/2 months.

We have 13 scattered among the two acres. They are pink, white, red and purple. The red one has dark purple leaves on the tree. We did not plant all of these the birds planted some of them.

Surround yourself with beautiful flowers and your life will be much brighter.


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  1. I love crepe myrtle. We have it in Alabama, there’s one at our lake house that dad bought for mom. I remember when he did that, she was happy because they remind us of the lilac bushes we have here in Michigan, and she was happy to be reminded of home, but she said her favorite color is the very light pink, she called it shell pink, and of course that’s not the color dad bought. Anyway, every time I see crepe myrtle it reminds me of her. Thanks for the memories!

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