Collections from the past

Our oldest son Joshua was a very big fan of Nolan Ryan who was the former pitcher for the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers.

Anything Nolan Ryan was quite popular with the young boys because these were Texas teams he played for.

Nolan Ryan lived in Alvin, Texas 15 minutes from where we lived and he went to Alvin HS and graduated in 1965.

Joshua collected his baseball cards and it was the ultimate challenge to find the right card or buy the right card at a card shop. He even traded cards with a few friends of his.

Many of these cards were in clear sleeves I took them out to show them off better.

When the Nolan Ryan coins came out in July of 1990 celebrating his 300th career victory I of course had to make sure he had some of these coins. These three coins are sealed, numbered, and are .999 Troy Silver Ounce.  At the time I bought the coins our son was just 7 years old.

Nolan Ryan retired in 1993 at the age 46 with 5,714 strikeouts.

I ran across some of the baseball cards he collected, the coins we had bought, the postmarks the post office was doing at the time, and decided to take a few pics of it all.

I honestly need to give this stuff to him I have had it put up in a safe place for many years. Maybe I can make a collage in a shadow box for him to keep.

These pics are just a few of my collections from the past. I am sure to a collector these would be worth some money.






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