Our crazy retirement challenge

We challenged ourselves when Jack retired last March at age 65.3 to try and live off ONLY Social Security.

With the Covid Pandemic, we could not go anywhere so our retirement trips were put on hold.

We did not want to draw money on our retirement accounts we wanted to prove to ourselves we could do this challenge for one year.

Allow extra padding in savings for emergencies. You have to be prepared for anything and everything.

Remember to pay off all your debt before you retire you should never go into retirement with any debt.

My dad told us one time a lot of people withdraw money out of their accounts early and pay penalties this is a big mistake. I think my dad would be very proud of us for completing this crazy retirement challenge we have almost made it to our one year mark.

The retirement money you saved all your life is yours how much money you leave behind and who you leave it to is also your decision.

Do what you want to do whether it’s investing in a weekend home, building a new home, remodeling an existing home, buying some property, or traveling.

Life is about having peace of mind and taking deep breaths it’s about living comfortably in your older years and it’s about taking lots of pictures along the way.

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