Hurricane Harvey

We live near the Texas Gulf Coast between Houston and Galveston.

Hurricane Harvey is supposed to go in near Corpus Christi which would put us on the dirty side of the storm that gets all the rain. They say our area could get 21 – 28 inches of rain. Now the storm could change its mind at the last minute and not go in there they have been known to do this before. You never really know until it happens.

Right now the Gulf waters are very warm and these storms love that it allows them to increase in power. They are expecting Harvey to make it to a class 3 hurricane.

I am schelduling this post in case we lose power in the past we have been without power during hurricanes for over two weeks.

We have a generator we run for necessities and the computer is not one of those. I can access some with my phone unless the cell towers go down that too has happened in the past.

We have a really good Governor Greg Abbott he has preemptively declared a state of Disaster for 30 Texas counties and ours is one of those. We live in Brazoria County. By him doing this ahead of time it means our state would get help sooner than later.

A great big thank you to Greg Abbott.

I will post as soon as I can please keep Texas in your prayers.





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    1. Thanks, Trent we will. I bought 7 cases of 40 count water and plenty of non-perishable food. We have containers filled with water just in case. I am going to bathe Miss Daisy in a few minutes she needs it anyway lol. They said rain would start this afternoon and it’s been raining since 4:00 am and its pouring down right now.

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      1. I heard on the news a little bit ago that our daughter’s area had gotten 7 – 9 ” of rain. They had dogs in the kennels under the carport. When there was a break they went to check on them and one kennel was taking on water so they moved them into the back part of the garage. They had to move the hay up higher but that is all she has said so far. I guess the goats and chickens were fine.

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