Fourth Of July

Everyone, please remember that most pets do not like fireworks. Many run away from home if left outside during the fireworks. Bring the pets in so they have the security.

Daisy does not seem bothered by them but then again she stays in the house.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July.


Local Auctions

I love auctions the thrill of bidding for a week and finally winning something or deciding there was something you were bidding on that went for more than you wanted to pay.

Just watch yourself because its sort of like gambling it can be quite addictive.

Go to this site Auction Site and put in your zip code and the distance you want to travel. I am sure you will find something in your area.

Last weekend I won 67 boxes of ice packs some were 8ct some were 12 ct part of them were therapeutic Polar Pack for sprains, arthritis etc. the rest were the kinds to keep medication cold or to use in a lunch box by U- Tek. They were all the flat kind. My cost was $20.00 the boxes took up the entire truck bed plus double stacking.

I won 4- 3M soap dispensers and 5 bottles of antibacterial soap for $16.00. It looks like the dispensers are worth $50.00 and the soap $23.00. We will use two outside one by the barn and greenhouse and I will share the others. I even won some extra soap for these.

A case of ZEP antibacterial soap hand cleaner for $12.00 they were quart size and there were 12 bottles.

I won the younger grandkids a set of 3 balls soccer, football and basketball they were youth size but I got them for $10.00.

A few other odds and ends but needless to say I was quite pleased with my winnings for the week. My husband, on the other hand, seems to think I am crazy because I won the ice packs. I am giving many away to family and friends but I am going to also sell some of them and make a little profit from them.

This was my third time to do this auction in the last 7 months.

Look for auctions near you sometimes you will find some really great things.

DIY Windspinner

My husband came up with this idea of using old portable fan blades and making it into a wind spinner.

He spaced the blades a little different so you can see the green and yellow at the same time. This is made using two fan blades.

He had to buy some bearings, metal dowel, locking collars and a T everything else we had already.

Next, he will be making some single ones because we have two more blades but they are different so they will not work together.

Use your imagination to recycle & come up with something really unique. DIY is a way to be creative & challenge yourself into designing.


CT Low dose lung screening

This is for anyone who is currently smoking or has ever smoked this could also be used for those who were around secondhand smoke.

I quit smoking 10 – years ago but smoked for many many years.

There are many new studies showing that a low dose CT scan can find early lung cancer as small as a grain of rice.

I had my LDCT done on Monday and I see a pulmonologist next week to explain the results to me. It was literally a 5-minute test and no tunnels that is a big plus. Our insurance paid for it at 100% so there was no out of pocket.

This American Cancer Society recommends yearly screening for lung cancer for people who are 55 – 74 years old. If you are a current smoker or a smoker who has quit in the last 15 years.  If you have a 30 pack a year smoking history.

Tell your Dr. you are interested in doing an LDCT scan. It could increase the quality of your life or possibly find early cancer.



River Otters at Brazos Bend

We have been out to Brazos Bend State Park in Needville so many times over the last almost 40 years.

Last Friday our daughter Jeanelle and her 4 kids and I went out there for a bike ride. The weather was beautiful.

We saw about 20 alligators, I have no idea how many different birds.

For the first time ever we saw a family of river otters. I was able to grab a few pictures of these cuties.

We think it was a  mom and two babies. As you can see in the second picture the larger one has a wound on its back. From what I have read these little boogers can stand their ground with an alligator.

Keep your eyes, wide open and nature will always surprise you with something you may not have seen before. If you are lucky you might just get a picture of it.


Follow up appointment

On Tuesday I had my follow up appointment with the oncologist.

I had a lot of concerns about the hormone blocker they wanted to put me on for the next 7 – 10  years. Its brand name is Femora and the generic is Letrozole.

My biggest concern was the fact that it can decrease the calcium in your body. I already take thyroid medication that does this.

Since  I have Osteopenia of the lower lumbar why would I want to take something that is going to push me into Osteoporosis? He said that the risk of it decreasing my calcium is only 1%.

The solution to my dilemma is IV Calcium Infusions 2 x a year to build up my bones.

My second concern was it upping my cholesterol. I have been on thyroid medication for 31 years and cholesterol medication 2 times during that time. According to my endocrinologist when my thyroid is off it affects my cholesterol. Why would I want to take a medication that could increase my cholesterol? That too has a low percentage of it happening.

Here is the kicker if I chose NOT to take the hormone blocker at all I have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. That number scared me so it looks like I will be starting this new medication after my burns finish healing.  Hopefully, I will be getting my first IV Infusion of Calcium next week.

My point to all this is to make sure you ask questions before taking a new medication it is very important to know all the details.





The Louisiana Iris

Many years ago my grandmother shared some Iris bulbs with me.

We have moved them a few times but this last time has proved to be the best. They have more than doubled in the last year.

They are starting to bloom and are prettier than the pictures. We have had a lot of wind over the last week and its really keeping them from standing up tall.

I have picked some a few times for my mother n law and myself. I figured we might as well enjoy them indoors as well.

The power of purple in a landscape is truly amazing.