Follow up appointment

On Tuesday I had my follow up appointment with the oncologist.

I had a lot of concerns about the hormone blocker they wanted to put me on for the next 7 – 10  years. Its brand name is Femora and the generic is Letrozole.

My biggest concern was the fact that it can decrease the calcium in your body. I already take thyroid medication that does this.

Since  I have Osteopenia of the lower lumbar why would I want to take something that is going to push me into Osteoporosis? He said that the risk of it decreasing my calcium is only 1%.

The solution to my dilemma is IV Calcium Infusions 2 x a year to build up my bones.

My second concern was it upping my cholesterol. I have been on thyroid medication for 31 years and cholesterol medication 2 times during that time. According to my endocrinologist when my thyroid is off it affects my cholesterol. Why would I want to take a medication that could increase my cholesterol? That too has a low percentage of it happening.

Here is the kicker if I chose NOT to take the hormone blocker at all I have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. That number scared me so it looks like I will be starting this new medication after my burns finish healing.  Hopefully, I will be getting my first IV Infusion of Calcium next week.

My point to all this is to make sure you ask questions before taking a new medication it is very important to know all the details.





The Louisiana Iris

Many years ago my grandmother shared some Iris bulbs with me.

We have moved them a few times but this last time has proved to be the best. They have more than doubled in the last year.

They are starting to bloom and are prettier than the pictures. We have had a lot of wind over the last week and its really keeping them from standing up tall.

I have picked some a few times for my mother n law and myself. I figured we might as well enjoy them indoors as well.

The power of purple in a landscape is truly amazing.



Tiny little details

When using a macro lens you have to have steady hands or use a tripod.

I tend to try to take the pictures by hand and lately have had a little less success with this. It might be time for me to drag out the tripod or monopod.

This shot shows off the tiny details of a knockout rose bloom. These roses start blooming in early March and bloom their hearts out all year long. They require very little maintenance and I truly love them.


Clover and bees

When we had the hurricane last year the planes were so busy spraying for mosquitos that the spray killed many bee hives.

These pictures are of the clover in our pasture and I only saw two honey bees when I was out there. I am sure there are more but I use to lay down in the grass and have them all around me.

Bees are very important to us and our environment. The way we contribute is letting the pasture grow up with clover the honey bees love the clover. I hope to see more bees in the future.


First babies born on the farm

The first picture is the mama goat before she had the babies.

These are the first babies born on the Shady Acres Rosharon farm.

These pics were taken at 2 days old. The mama goat was a first-time mom and she had a boy and a girl both healthy and happy.

They both have moon spots, the boy has waddles and they are both just adorable. Waddles are the things hanging from his neck his mom has one too and many people love these.

If you look back I bet you can guess which one the dad was lol.

The next baby goats should be born in May.



Second and Third Week

The second week of radiation went pretty good I was nowhere near as tired.

I had one painful day where it felt like a stabbing pain under my arm other than that all was good. I used an ice pack to help with this.

The third week has been good and I am a little more tired this week. I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of being less than halfway through with this.

Week 4 – 5 is when the burns generally start to happen next week will be my week 4.

Next week I have a bone scan for a baseline before I start the hormone blockers in 3 1/2 more weeks. I made sure to schedule it right after my radiation appointment you have to coordinate these things are you are back and forth all the time.

I ordered myself the prettiest necklace for breast cancer. My sister bought me a tee shirt that says “Rebel with a cause”.

She and I get together one time a week for shopping and we are truly enjoying ourselves. Sometimes we even go out to lunch and make a long day of it.

We might go to Resale stores, Tuesday Morning, Habitat Restore, Hotel Liquidators, Garage Sales or shop auctions online needless to say we have found some pretty cool stuff.

I won a beautiful dresser at an auction for $100.00 it was brand new 8 drawer white dresser it’s in my office to give me more storage. The retail of this dresser was $350.00.

My sister found me a plastic cow head I will be doing something with just not sure what way I want to go with it. Some people paint them wild colors, some use the silver or gold leafing on them, some glue fabric on them. Some people spray paint them there are just so many ways to go with this plastic cow head.

She also found me 3 of the wooden room service trays they are HUGE I used the liquid sander on them to remove the varnish and I have them primed. I know one for sure will be getting a liquid paint treatment I love the look of the paint and the cells. Of course, I had to buy the silicone and the Floetrol to do it with. Another craft to get into lol.

I am still fighting like a girl.

Fight Like a girl