The mystery of the gate

The things we do when we are bored.

I walked around with the camera looking for something interesting to take a picture of in the backyard. The gate caught my eye.

I could have taken a picture of the whole gate but what fun would that be. I looked and the vine and the ground cover growing up the fence to the left of the gate and  I had an idea.

Take a picture of part of the gate and let the mind wander feel the mystery in the picture and use your imagination.

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you see this picture?


Coral Trumpet Vine

In Texas, the Coral Trumpet vine grows wild it is beautiful but it can be very invasive.

My husband found some small plants at work about 6 years ago and brought them home. Now, these vines take up about 10ft length and 8 ft height in our backyard on a lattice fence that is for privacy.

They would bloom more if we would remove some of the canopies of trees and bushes they are planted under.

This color is amazing and the way the vine grows allows this plant to put on quite a show.

Spending time outside in our yard and taking in the beauty all around us is one of my favorite things to do.

Trumpet Vine 2TrumpetVine1

Gate with a vine

This tangerine cross vine is planted on another fence but it decided it wanted to cross over to the gate area that goes into the backyard.

Actually, I love how it photographs with the gate.



For some reason this weed is growing everywhere & we have never seen it before. It seems to grow very fast, climbs and spreads very quickly.

Nobody ever said a weed could not be pretty to photograph.


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