Little House on the Prairie

Since there is never anything on the main channels as far as tv goes you have to be creative in hunting for something to stream.

I have been watching Little House on the Prairie I remember when it was a prime time tv show we watched every week.

There are 9 seasons and a average of 22 episodes a season yes 22 that is unreal for today shows that normally you get 10 episodes per season.

All the story lines are great and its just good old fashion tv with a plot and a lesson.

Now days its game shows or reality tv taking over all the major channels. We do not watch either one. These shows need to go away or the networks not sure which.

We love Greys Anatomy and have from Season 1, we watch Station 19, The Neighborhood, Stranger Things, American Housewife, 20/20 and The Good Doctor. I love medical shows I always have back when George Clooney was on ER and House was the best Dr around the kind we all wanted.

I have watched ER from Season 1 forward a few times and the same thing with House.

There has been such a big time span since last seasons episodes of real tv because they were all cut short due to Covid19.

This is where a real season of real tv came into play with The Little House on the Prairie it is about a farming community with the families struggles in a small town. Its good old fashion tv with a story line and a lesson about a life with morals and values.

Good family tv

My husband and I cut the cord about 4 or 5 years ago and we bought the amazon fire TV stick. We have been streaming TV ever since and we have learned quite a bit along the way.

A few years later we bought the Amazon Fire Gaming TV for the grandchildren to have when they are here now we have both we just use them on different TVs.

We pay $11.00 a month for Netflix on multiple TV’s and devices and on there we have become quite addicted to a few shows. I wanted to review one of the shows we really enjoy.

Our favorite show is “Heartland” it is such a good clean family TV show and it is set in Alberta Canada. Which by the way is such a beautiful place!

The family has a 600-acre horse ranch and rescue horses that have been abused and then they re-home them.

Amy is sort of horse whisperer/miracle worker who works with the rescue horses as well as people’s horses who may be having issues. She has such a beautiful relationship with horses it truly is heartwarming. She also teaches workshops.

Her sister Lue opened some cottages as a bed and breakfast type thing that offers trail rides to its customers as a special treat.

I highly recommend this show for people of all ages there is something for everyone.

There are aboutĀ 18 episodes in each seasonĀ and currently 7 seasons on Netflix BUT I just realized that with my amazon prime account I could get “Up Faith and Family” and get the next two seasons for $5.00 a month. It is also available on a few other providers just check the Up Faith and Family website at the link below.

As of right now, there are currently 10 seasons available if you happen to get Canada TV.

If you have not watched this show watch 3 episodes and you will be hooked just like we were.

If Canada can have a good family show that has a history as long as this one why can’t we have one too?

Do we even have any shows that have 18 episodes in a season?

I challenge the United States and the filmmakers to come up with something that brings back good clean family TV back to prime time again.

Do it for our youth because they need to be exposed to this instead of some of the stuff that is on our prime time TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Up Faith and Family





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