Transesophageal Tee

This morning I had my transesophageal tee echo done at the hospital.

No eating and drinking after midnight and no taking your pills that day.

They spray this stuff in your throat to deaden it smells like bubble gum tastes like antifreeze smells. IVs, BP, etc all hooked up and drugs are given to knock you out.

A long tube with a camera is inserted down your throat and esophagus to see the heart. I think it takes 3D and 4D pics. In my case its to get a better look at the mitral valve.

General anesthesia and out I went it does not take me long for me to pass out. Next thing I know they are waking me up.

My throat hurts like a bad case of strep but I will just do lots of drinking cold things and ice today.

No results yet probably later today.


More testing

I have met with my heart surgeon who agrees with my cardiologist about the mitral valve replacement surgery.

It will be an artificial heart valve replacement and two blood thinners for the rest of my life. These typically last about 10 years.

I am having more testing done before the surgery this is to rule out any blockages. If they find any blockages that will have to be fixed before the heart valve replacement will take place.

First up Carotid artery scan this week.

Then heart catheterization and tee esophageal echo hopefully next week.

If all goes as planned I will be having surgery very soon.

I think the worst part for me will be the hospital stay since I do not like staying in a hospital much less for a week or more.

Cardiac rehab will follow me after I get out and I guess that will go on for about 6 weeks.

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