Good Deeds

Have you ever been surprised by a strangers kindness when they have done a good deed?

This week several days apart I was blessed with this happening to me two times.

Many years ago we had turned in photo albums with pictures to an attorney that represented our son in a child custody case. Our son and his wife turned in another album. We honestly both forgot about getting back the albums and like I said years have passed by.

Somehow the albums ended up in a dumpster nearby where this man named Frank worked. Frank a former photographer himself knew the value of family photos and he picked up the albums. My business card just happened to be inside the album I had turned in. The only problem was it had our home phone number on it we no longer have. That is when he searched the internet for a new number and called me. Today I picked up those two photo albums that would have been lost forever had it not been for Frank.  Thank you so much, Frank, for taking the time to do this good deed.

Today I had gone to a smaller grocery store chain to pick up some pickling spices for our daughter. Her cucumbers are making so many that her kids are eating them for snacks, she’s giving them away and she decided to make some pickles. While standing in line at the checkout this older gentlemen probably in his 80s told the checker he wanted to pay for my stuff with his. I said, “Sir you honestly do not have to do that but thank you so much for offering.” He said no I want to. I said, “so today you’re doing a good deed he said that is exactly it.” I told him “Thank you very much and to have a great day.”

There are still good people in this world who do good things out of the kindness of their heart and expect nothing in return. Complete strangers who take the time to do something nice. I would like to thank you both for crossing my path this week.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward two times.


Tiny shorebirds

I really love going to the beach and getting to take pictures of the shorebirds.

These tiny sandpipers are always in a large group close to the waters edge it’s pretty easy to get their pictures¬†with their reflections.

We spent yesterday at the beach because that was what I wanted to do for my birthday which so happens to be today.

Normally my birthdays are always spent doing something that involves taking pictures because that is what I love to do.

I will be sharing more pictures of the beach trip this week.
Shore Birds

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