The foundation of the house

Monday we started the foundation work on our house.

Our oldest son Joshua was able to get a much better bid than we were able to get. He and his wife flip houses and build new houses for their side business so he has a few connections.

They have been putting piers around all 4 sides of the add on and tunneling between the old and new slab. We can get it done for $11,000.00 instead of the $15, 890.00.

It is crazy to think you can not even put down new flooring if your slab is off a few inches. One step always holds up the next.

The noise that is involved is crazy when they are pounding in concrete piers to the tune of 17 – 18 per hole x 35 holes its crazy. When they start lifting the house the walls start cracking, eeking, squeaking and then the big BOOM like a earth quake that is when its being leveled.

The cats and dogs are neither one fans of this whole thing and today is our 6th day of doing this but they should finish up tomorrow.

We are looking forward to this being over with so we can start on the next projects.

Home Ownership

When you own a home you have to take responsibility for that home.

With such things as new roofs, flooring, facial boards, new doors, windows etc.

Sometimes you get hit with foundation issues in our particular area this is quite common and your slab will shift.

This happen to ours and the issues is between the add on and the old part of the house. When the new slab finally settled into the black gumbo dirt it made our house unlevel. We have a 3ft slab all the way around most people have a two foot slab. We paid extra for this when we built the original house and when we added on we had to do the same thing.

We should have put piers in between the seams of the new and the old but no one told us this and we had no idea about doing this.

We have our first estimate for our slab the piers will go through the seam area from front to back and all the way around the add on. This will take 34 piers and they have to tunnel from the front to the back along the seam line. Our house is 1″ off in some places 1 1/2 in others and 2″ in others but it is only off on the add on side this in itself is a blessing.

The cost is $15,890.00 needless to say we will get a minimum of 3 estimates before we do this I know price can vary quite a bit from these companies.

Since our oldest son Joshua is in the house building and flipping business he has some connections we are going to talk to about the slab and he will be doing our remodeling projects.

There is always one thing that holds up everything else.

Life is GOOD!

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