Upgrades and more

Today I bought my domain name and upgraded my WordPress to the personal one.

This only happened about one hour ago and I see my domain name is already working. YEA!

Then I had to figure out the domain mapping part so I asked a question last night in the forum that did not get answered. I managed to do it myself this morning. It is amazing what we can accomplish after a good nights sleep.

This will give me some extra space until I decide what I am going to do about storing the pictures on another site so I do not run out of space so quickly.

Thanks to Shannon for her suggestions because I would not have thought about storing the pictures somewhere else.

I use to host my website on my ISP so I want to check with them and see if they still offer free space if so hopefully I can figure out how to set up an album without a website. If so that could be a free storage option.

There are some blank pages up top that will hopefully have some information on them sometime soon. I might move a few photography post and some DIY post from the old blog.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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