Ducks in the feeder

The other morning after I fed the birds I happen to notice some strange birds in the feeder.

Those are the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks and they have been showing up every day to eat some seed. The regular birds are not too happy about this.

I am telling you when you live in the country and feed the wildlife there is not much telling what you might see.


Texas hills

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is Wanderlust.

Just about 3 hours from where we currently live is a little bit of Texas beauty.

Texas landscape changes a lot depending on what county you are in. Brazoria county is sort of flat plain and has a lot of trash trees. Once you get into Grimes county the landscape changes.

Near Navasota, Bryan and College station the landscape is hilly and that makes a landscape breathtaking.

I spotted this huge pond but part of it had a walkway across it with dirt and grass.  I am not sure what the horses and cows would do when there is a traffic jam I guess someone has to jump off and swim. Neither one would be so good at backing up on the skinny island walkway.

I am tired of the noise of heavy equipment that we hear every day due to development in the area, traffic jams, and busy stores. The area we live in now is not the same as it used to be I guess things change after almost 39 years.

Maybe we will retire in the hills on some acreage where life is simple, laid back and relaxing. A place where nature is all around us and the grass seems greener. Beautiful views without all the distractions. We can take a deep breath breathe clean air and see miles and miles of countryside.


Country landscape

This was a picture I took a few years ago.

If you look closely the windmill is missing some of its blades this was probably caused by high winds at some point or it could just be from old age.

The windmill was not turning and there was no water in the trough.

The barn on the right hand side has tin falling off of it. Some of the trees have lost their leaves. The grass in the pasture is mostly dead you can tell this picture was taken in the fall in Texas.

There were no cows in this pasture and it did not look like there had been any there for a good while.

Sometimes I wonder what the story was of this old cow pasture and why was it not being used anymore.

The sky was cloudy and it was about to rain but there was just something about the scene itself that caught my attention. I had my husband pull over so I could take a few pictures.

Scenes like this remind me of good old country life when times were simpler and no one was in hurry to get somewhere.


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