Amazon Prime Day

This year Amazon prime day was delayed due to Covid19 but the delayed date is going to be this Tuesday October 13th. and Wednesday October 14th.

We have replaced our tv’s and computers so those good deals are not for us. I bought a back up camera I hate because its to light compared to my full frame but eventually it will get used.

Maybe I can find a upright freezer they still seem to be a commodity since Covid19 started. We honestly need a 2nd one for the garden vegetables the fall garden is going to be bigger than the spring one was.

I wanted to post this to remind everyone of Amazon Prime Day.

Back on track

My computer is back and working great.

Windows 7 that I love is back and no more uninvited Windows 10 is on here.

All my pictures and documents were saved thank goodness.

They made me two backup copies of my hard drive one on an external drive and one on my desktop so I could access what I needed and then delete it. That will take me awhile to go through but I am trying to organize as I am going through it.

Thanks to the Geek Squad at Best Buy for their great work. It only took a few days and it was worth the money to save my stuff.

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