Foggy morning sketch

Lately, I have been playing a lot in the sketch options on my photo editing program.

This picture is in our pasture but across the street and I like the way this one turned out.

Some pictures work out better than others when trying this out.

Hiding Squirrel

Everyone here knows I love wildlife and when I get a chance to capture some animals with my camera it’s all the better.

This squirrel was hiding he made himself flat as he could to become pressed against the tree trunk.

I love squirrels! When we were kids our Dad brought home a baby squirrel he found and we had him for a pet for along time. We will call this one Fuzzy # 2.

Transesophageal Tee

This morning I had my transesophageal tee echo done at the hospital.

No eating and drinking after midnight and no taking your pills that day.

They spray this stuff in your throat to deaden it smells like bubble gum tastes like antifreeze smells. IVs, BP, etc all hooked up and drugs are given to knock you out.

A long tube with a camera is inserted down your throat and esophagus to see the heart. I think it takes 3D and 4D pics. In my case its to get a better look at the mitral valve.

General anesthesia and out I went it does not take me long for me to pass out. Next thing I know they are waking me up.

My throat hurts like a bad case of strep but I will just do lots of drinking cold things and ice today.

No results yet probably later today.


Sunrise, fog and cow silhouettes

Some mornings I look outside and see something that I need to take a picture of.

This morning as the sun was rising it was foggy and I could not help but notice the cow silhouettes in the fog. You can even see the baby.

What a way to start a day!

Almost 2 months old

This premature calf is almost two months old now.

I think she has grown faster than a regular calf. Her solid black fur is getting some reddish fur coming in around her shoulders and her head.

She has these large eyes that are shaped so pretty. I think she will end up being a beautiful cow.


My Heart Cath.

I have been tested so much lately it’s unreal.

The carotid artery scan last week the results were great.

I had my heart Cath on Wednesday of this week and the best thing happened to me.

My arteries are that of an 18-year-old. There were no blockages or partial blockages my arteries are perfect.

I contribute this to a change in our diets 26 years ago when my father n law had a heart attack. I made the decision at that time to stop frying so many foods and now we maybe have something fried 2 x a month.

I have young arteries and even though I will be doing heart valve replacement very soon this is such a blessing.

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