This week’s Daily Post Photo challenge is the word Surprise.

When I saw this hawk in the tree I tried to get as close as I could to get a good picture. He was in a tala tree on the fence line in the backyard.

It was not until I looked at the pictures that I noticed he was staring down at my bird feeders in the backyard stalking the birds I had just fed.

It is time to change up my routine again so he is not watching me and the birds.



Security monkeys

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is Security.

The first monkey I found was the red one and after that, we would buy Daisy a new one when we could find a different color.  We have now collected all six colors of the monkeys.

When she gets a new monkey it becomes her favorite and that is the one she wags around with her.

Does that mean dogs can see color?

Daisy used to bring one monkey to bed at night and now she brings three or four. She acts like a mama dog rounding up her puppies.

After she brings them to bed I will sneak a few of them away from her while she’s distracted. When she notices they are missing she starts frantically looking around for them until they are rounded back up again.

Does this mean dogs can count?

When I was taking these pictures yesterday morning of her and her monkeys little did I know it would fit in perfect with this weeks photo challenge.

Daisy needs the security of her monkeys at bedtime and that is all that matters.


The road taken

The Road Taken is this weeks Daily Post photo challenge.

This picture which was taken in the Texas hill country. It shows the road going up into the hills as far as you can see. It curves back and forth and you have no idea what is around each corner or where the road might end up.

If we never try new things and go on new adventures we will never experience the thrill of where we might end up.


Upgrades and more

Today I bought my domain name and upgraded my WordPress to the personal one.

This only happened about one hour ago and I see my domain name is already working. YEA!

Then I had to figure out the domain mapping part so I asked a question last night in the forum that did not get answered. I managed to do it myself this morning. It is amazing what we can accomplish after a good nights sleep.

This will give me some extra space until I decide what I am going to do about storing the pictures on another site so I do not run out of space so quickly.

Thanks to Shannon for her suggestions because I would not have thought about storing the pictures somewhere else.

I use to host my website on my ISP so I want to check with them and see if they still offer free space if so hopefully I can figure out how to set up an album without a website. If so that could be a free storage option.

There are some blank pages up top that will hopefully have some information on them sometime soon. I might move a few photography post and some DIY post from the old blog.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

A breath of fresh air

This blog feels like a breath of fresh air, it is a new start and a lot more space.

Some of what I would like to do on this blog is share pictures of nature, landscapes, and pets.

I would love to have a few pages that offer photography advice to those who would like to learn more about photography.

Share stories about our life in Texas and some of the funny things that happen to us along the way of this thing we call Life.

Talk about our opinions on things going on in the world without getting into heated!

DIY – ( Do It Yourself )  I am a Pinterest addict and a Craftaholic I love making things.

Gardening – vegetable or flower gardening my husband and I love both.

If you have any opinions or ideas for my new blog please feel free to share them with me.

My goal is to get this blog up and running this week.

Thanks for following me.


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