Hawk in the fog

One morning last week it was really foggy the dew was heavy and wet feeling.

I noticed this hawk on the fence post across the street sitting there with feathers slightly ruffled pondering the idea that maybe later there would be some sunshine.

I was able to get a few shots through the window without being spotted.

This hawk having a bad feather day must know how it feels when we have a bad hair day.

Nature truly inspires me and always makes me smile.

Birds in Feeders

Around here there are so many birds. I have to have different kinds of feeders in select locations so everyone can eat.

These birds decided to sit in the concrete feeders I made.

One is having seed and one is having orange slices. I have learned not to throw away fruit there are certain birds that love it.

The little things in life make each day special look around and find some little things.

Hummingbirds in flight

On the Texas gulf coast we have some varieties of hummingbirds that stay year round.

If you spend a few minutes outdoors you will hear plenty of them and see them. If you are lucky you have your camera and the correct settings and the right lens on at the time you can grab a few pictures.

I try to keep at least two feeders out even thought just about everything in our yard blooms. The feeders allow me the chance to get the pictures I want.

This young hummer in the last picture thought the flower on the feeder was real.

Hummingbirds are some of natures tiny wonders little birds that fly so fast you barely see them but their beauty is outstanding.


These mourning doves were in the feeders last week.

They are so beautiful I love looking at them.

Most of the times the doves are not easily scared off. They just drop by to eat some seed and then they go on their merry way.

I love it when the wildlife comes to visit.

Eastern Bluebird Fledgling

Yesterday I kept hearing a baby bird cry every time I went in the backyard.

I knew the bluebirds had been nesting but I could see them go into the birdhouse and leave. I thought my hearing might be off but a little while later I heard it was stronger so I knew there was a baby on the ground.

I went into the secret garden to check it out there it was in the hot sun on hot concrete stepping stones since I had my camera with me I grabbed a couple of pics. I knew I needed to move this little one from where it was at.

The first pic she looks like she has on a helmet. The second one is “are you my mother” I am screaming at you.

I had to get her into the shade but when I tried she landed into the tadpole pond. I got her out on a stick and placed it in the shade.

By this time I am being dive bombed by two eastern blue birds the little ones two parents. They head straight at you and you think they are going to hit you but at the last minute they go up and fly away.

I left it there went back later it was hidden in the bushes so once again I got it out placed it in the shade in the grass. More dive bombing by the parents.

The third time I went out it was the opposite side in the bushes ok the parents will never see it like this so I decided I need to figure something out. Here come the parents to keep me away once again.

I decided to feed it had been hours on the ground. I mixed up a messy watery batch of canned pate dog food. I placed in a syringe and fed the hungry little bird. He ate good but I knew I needed a solution for him hiding in the bushes.

It dawned on me to put a hanging basket with some grass and hang it up low and this worked for a few hours but she back out again.

I have been dive bombed about 4 times but all is good they are just protecting their baby.

She looks to have all her feathers but I think she is a few days off from flying. Now when she sees me she opens her mouth lol.

The Eastern Bluebirds had a hard time during our February freeze and we lost a lot of them. I just want to do my part to help build back up this population in our area.

Wildlife has a way of finding me and I feel the need to do my part to help it out when I can. I can not resist taking a few pictures along the way.

A pair of Eastern Bluebirds

We finally started seeing the Eastern Bluebirds again.

This pair is nesting in an older birdhouse that is 20ft off the ground. This is very unusual for these birds because normally they like around 5ft off the ground and we have several houses just right for them that no one is nesting in.

I am guessing they love the height or the look of this worn out birdhouse lol.

I am so glad the Eastern Bluebirds found their way back after the freeze. I know a lot them died because they were caught off guard with the freeze in our area.

We provide housing, birdbaths and food for our feather friends it is very nice to see them back again. This pair posed for a picture together.

Rose – breasted Grosbeak

I kept seeing this bird out the French doors in the feeders but I had no clue what kind of bird it was.

I had to ask someone that had connections with others who were the experts.

It turns out this is a Rose- breasted Grosbeak this is a female the males are quite opposite they are black white and red. I only saw this one bird.

They migrate through our area. I was able to get pictures for a few days of this beauty.

That is two birds I have never seen before that I have gotten to capture on camera during the last few weeks. Life is GOOD!

Redbird posing

This female redbird was glad to see some birdseed in this feeder.

I love it when the birds are molting so they have those fuzzy feathers in the pics. The wind was blowing a little so it really accented her feathers.

She was quite curious about my camera so she posed for a few shots as she was eating some black oiled sun flower seeds.

The wildlife in our area is as curious about us as we are them.

Looking out

The male cardinal is looking out for the female who was eating.

I often catch the males guarding the females. Around here I think its from the hawks who love easy prey.

I have found most the birds around here like the open feeders.

I have one closed feeder the titmouse, sparrows and woodpeckers like its a house type with plexiglass.

I have 12 bird feeders spread across our yard area which is one acre. I generally feed a few times a week and the rest of the time they are on their own. We have lots of plants and trees that produce bird friendly berries or fruit.

Nature gives us the presence of her beauty and requires so little from us. Appreciate the little things because their beauty is all around us.

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