The Cane Corso Studs of Shady Acres Leggett

Here are the two studs of our daughter’s Cane Corso breeding business in Leggett Texas.

Whiskey is much larger than Mako he is about 165#s and he just bred his first female Hippo.

Mako is Jeanelle’s number 1 stud people request him for breeding I think he is about 115#s. He just bred Storm again.

These dogs are large dogs but very sweet and lovable. Shady Acres is located in Leggett, Texas.

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  1. Whiskey looks just like my dog Rooster. He is supposed to be a registered Brazilian Mastiff. ‘Fila Brasileiro’ but I think he is a full-blooded weenie dog.


    1. Whiskey is a big boy that’s for sure. She and her brother in law co own him but he lives in Houston with her brother n law. I think the breeds are closely related. Whiskey and Cricket are both the bigger versions of these dogs.

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  2. Yep. Them dogs are sweet as they can be to the ones they love and are around a lot. But they are defiantly a force to be reckoned with if you don’t belong in their yard. When I had Rooster at 150 pounds he was really lethargic. Now I have him at 115 and he seems to be more active. He is only 7 and his eyes are starting to dim. He is becoming an old boy quickly.


    1. Our daughter told me I needed to cut Cricket back a little she had no curves lol. So we went from six cups of dry food a day down to 5 she looks better and its been a few weeks since we reduced her food intake.

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  3. I guess I need to cut Rooster back some more than I give him 8 cups a day and 4 cups of hot water on top of it. I feed him the cheap Purina dry food because he would eat you out of house and home. The dog food went from 22.74 a bag to 33.74 a bag.


    1. We were feeding Victor until it went up and up. Now its like 40# for 65.00. I put everyone on Pedigree its about 34.00 for 55#s at Sams. I mix water with the dry food only because it keeps them from eating it to fast and choking.

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  4. Pedigree is what I had to buy Rooster at Sams the last two times from Sams because for some reason Walmart or Sams doesn’t carry Purina anymore or it’s always sold out. I think he likes Pedigree better.


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