This year has been very productive for the rabbits.

We had a nest of bunnies in the backyard that the dogs found but we saw them and protected them.

We have 4 medium-sized rabbits I see every evening in the pasture and on the deck.

I saw two just a while ago in the pasture and today there were two babies eating bird seed.

I bought them some Timothy Hay and Alfalfa cubes to feed them. I am sure it’s better for them than birdseed. Jack is going to get me some rabbit food tomorrow. I am also filling water bowls around since this drought is brutal on the animals.

They have probably been watching us longer than we have them. I really do love the wildlife.

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  1. We had baby bunnies one year in my flower pots. This year mama rabbit tried to build a nest in my ornamental grass, but unfortunately, before I realized what she was doing I trimmed the grass. I hope she found another place.

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    1. I really do not understand them having nest in our backyard. Our dogs are in the backyard when they go out. Crickets pens in the backyard. Why not the pasture no dogs there?

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