Cricket turns 2

Cricket is 2 years old today and a very healthy Cane Corso also known as an Italian Mastiff.

She should be having puppies at the end of February.

This is her first litter and since we did not do an ultrasound we have no idea if there are 2 or 12 puppies.

There is a waiting list for her puppies and two people have already put down deposits and a third one will soon.

We have upped her food once and will be upping it again this week so we have healthy plump puppies. I even switched her food to Victor Professional I just put everyone on the same food.

Jack has been busy building her a mansion shed that will include a concrete floor two windows and a door. There will of course be a heat lamp for the puppies. He even fixed the floor so it drains to one corner and I can wash it out once the puppies are here to keep everything nice and clean.

I have to pick up some cheap blankets for the delivery and order some welping pads to keep the pups comfy.

Do not let her size fool you she has been very needy lately so I think she knows what’s going on.

There will be pics when the puppies arrive. Just look at that face!

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  1. Sonya. Cricket is a very good-looking dog. Looks healthy and well-loved. Happy Birthday, Cricket. She will be the best Momma ever. My mastiff is 6 years old now. Rooster has given me much joy and companionship. Cricket’s offspring will do the same. You are fixing to bring a lot of joy into a world that’s full of chaos.


    1. At first we were not sure if she bred but as time has gone on there have been enough changes to know she is bred. She is a hoot and when she runs watch out because its like a bull in a china shop.

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  2. So is mine. Not only does Rooster act as a bull in the china shop he can eat 3 frozen solid ribeye steaks that I left on the counter in less than a minute. That was 75.00. But he was just being a bad boy like a dog should from time to time. Glad I didn’t shoot him.

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