I love auctions

There are quite a few auctions in our area.

Some places are monthly, a few are semi-weekly. There are just enough for me to stay

interested in watching them.

I never bid at the beginning of an auction I try and wait until the last few hours but honestly the last hour is better.

This week there was an auction that had several pretty quilts. I love quilts and my goal was to win one of them but I actually won both. I was able to get one for $36.00 and one for $27.00. Honestly, I never thought I would get them that cheap. The first thing I do with bought quilts whether they are new or used is washing them in my front load washer adding Lysol Laundry Sanitizer then hanging them up to dry. The front-load washers avoid damaging the quilts.

At this same auction, I was watching some National Geographic hardback coffee table books. Our grandson who is 10 years old reads at a High Schoo Level and is always needing to be challenged. These books were all on the earth, solar system, galaxy, and more. I won the 9 books for $22.00 and the biggest of these books I would think would be $150.00 or more to purchase it is huge. These books were all brand new and I do not think you could buy any of them for under $50.00.

Sometimes auctions have stuff you need and other times it is stuff you want. Either way, I enjoy the excitement of trying to win something.

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