Through the piney woods

Our daughter her husband and their four children just moved to East Texas yesterday.

The house they had lived in for the last 4 years sold the first week it was on the market and they needed more property. They decided East Texas might just be the place and they found 25 acres to purchase.

The first thing they had to do was some clearing but they hired that done. Then they wanted the mulching people with their machines to cut some trails through the woods for them all to enjoy. I only went down one trail but it was truly amazing. They are naming the trails and I believe this one is Piney Trail.

I have always loved the woods, trails, wildlife and nature so this type property is right up my ally.

They will be living about 1 1/2 hours from us and they are very close to Lake Livingston which they will all love its a great fishing lake. It was my dads favorite fishing lake when we were kids.

They are already looking at side by side ATV’s to make getting around and working on the property easier.

Our oldest grandson Andrew who is 10 years old is picking us out a location for a weekend house in the woods. He has it figured out I need a few sweetgum trees to attract the wildlife.

They have game cameras set up and have seen deer, wild hog and racoons. One racoon was investigating the camera.

Our grandkids will have lots of great adventures in these woods and are already planning club houses and lookout towers. I think they need some Ninja warrior obstacle course equipment including a zip line.

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      1. I was thinking 100 acres +, but 25 is still a huge lot. I have a niece with a “small” lot (10 acres? not sure) – she has trails in the woods and large selection of animals like that (I think goats).

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      2. This piece of land is long and skinny. It was part of the National Forest that is getting sold off so it had been cut years ago and replanted. The underbrush is not that bad. We saw sweetgum, oak, magnolia, pine, lots of beauty berry bushes for the wildlife. They have a small creek that runs through the back of the property. It is quite nice and peaceful. Since the slab for the house is poured the sides will go up next week. It is just a matter of time for it all to come together. They had put down deposits to start the wait process while they were still in the old house that helps speed things up.

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