Cardiac Rehab

Today I am starting cardiac rehab. It has been three weeks since my heart attack.

I will be doing rehab 3 x a week for 10 – 12 weeks. I set my appointments for early since I get up early anyway and that way I can still take mother in law to the church 2 x a week.

Rehab will not cost me any copays so that is a good thing.

Ever since I have been home from the hospital Jack and I walk for 30 minutes outdoors around 7:00 a.m. By the time I do that I am pooped out. I take a daily nap which I never did before the heart attack.

I see the cardiologist this week and will find out what testing is going to be done to evaluate my heart function. I have met my deductible on my health insurance as well as the maximum out of pocket so I want the best testing available.

Last week we ate salmon patties and tuna casserole to get in our two fish meals a week. I am sure fish will get old to me I would rather eat chicken.

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  1. May all go well Sonya. I need o steer clear of chicken skin. I was reading some of the far-fetched news feeds this morning. The media could jerk my chain. You are so fortunate that you have Jack to lean on in times of need. This is what I found alarming. Do you think this is a rumor of war Jesus talked about in Matthew 24? War Begins (Aug 09,2021) Germany and India sending Four Warships to destroy China in Disputed Island. Or just some more fake news?

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  2. Sonya…. reading this was like deja vu about my mother’s situation… i remember all too well.. please take care, enjoy the morning walks and getting to know your body all over again and understanding what has happened. You’ll be all good again. Enjoy the fish😉.. take care my friend

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  3. That’s what I thought too. But I can always miss something I only catch the news every now and then and they seem to spin things 90% of the time when I do. My best for you in rehab.

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