Details of a rose

There is something about the small details of a rose as the morning dew sets on the petals.

The delicate nature of this flower, the veining on the petals and the contours of each layer.

A roses beauty is all in the details and being able to capture that beauty is all in the angles of the shot to show off the dimensions of the flowers.

5 thoughts on “Details of a rose

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  1. I honestly believe with all my being roses are the prettiest and the rising sun is awesome first thing in the morning. Thanks, Sonya how do you feel besides with your fingers.

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    1. I am feeling okay thanks for asking. I still have zero energy but did my cardio rehab evaluation yesterday and will be starting rehab tomorrow.

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  2. Do you know what makes me do cardios? And I don’t recommend it by any means. Taking a leisurely walk and walking right into a big spider web. It makes me do 45 minutes of cardios in 10 seconds. Everyone thinks you have lost your mind.

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