Indigo Bunting Molting

This is most likely a 2nd. year male Indigo Bunting molting.

It takes them several season to get to a full blown blue with no brown.

I have truly enjoyed these birds in our feeders and I have learned quickly they love the black oiled sunflower seeds.

They eat at the feeders they are not grab and runs. I find piles of sunflower seed shells in the feeders.

Wildlife comes in lots of colors but our eyes are easily drawn to the brighter colors because those colors stand out against the greens and browns of nature.

Look in your yard and find something in nature that captures your attention and take a picture.

2 thoughts on “Indigo Bunting Molting

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  1. Wonderful picture of the indigo bunting!I really like noticing the changes of the other than human nature that surrounds me. Earlier this year I saw a Snowshoe Hare in mid change from winter white to summer brown. Unfortunately no pictures.

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