Rose – breasted Grosbeak

I kept seeing this bird out the French doors in the feeders but I had no clue what kind of bird it was.

I had to ask someone that had connections with others who were the experts.

It turns out this is a Rose- breasted Grosbeak this is a female the males are quite opposite they are black white and red. I only saw this one bird.

They migrate through our area. I was able to get pictures for a few days of this beauty.

That is two birds I have never seen before that I have gotten to capture on camera during the last few weeks. Life is GOOD!

3 thoughts on “Rose – breasted Grosbeak

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  1. So after reading this I saw a few males around. We are in the main breeding range, so maybe not unusual, and I think I have seen them before, but funny that I’ve seen a few (or the same two over and over since it has been the same places) since I read this.


  2. We get them, in fact they should be here by now, but so far I haven’t seen either the male (who I usually notice first because he’s so distinctive) or the female. Maybe they’re just taking the long way north.


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