Red-winged blackbird

The red – winged blackbirds are most often seen in groups.

I think they are a pretty bird and do not mind them at my bird feeders but they do eat a lot and can clean out a bird feeder really quick.

Often times the males are seen bowing up at each other trying to decide whos the boss.

Natures beauty is always around even during the wintertime.

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  1. These birds are our first REAL sign that it’s spring in Michigan. We usually hear them before we see them. I’m in Alabama right now and this week I heard one at my brother’s lake house. So it’s officially spring down here!

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    1. I see them more this time of year than any other time but they are around here all the time. The robins I mostly see in the fall/ winter. The rest of the time its wrens, sparrows, warblers, thrashers, red bird, blue birds, blue jays, crows, brown headed cow birds, egrets, white ibis, chickadees etc.


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