Discovery +

Discovery + came online January 4th.

For streaming tv it’s great and there are so many channels to choose from. You have two options with commercials or without we went without commercials.

Since we stream tv and have for many years I was waiting for this one to launch. We have several programs we pay for but they are all cheap but I might be able to drop one or two of them.

They are doing free trials so check it out.

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  1. I was just looking at all the different streamers available. I cut the cable many years ago. Bought an over the air antenna from Best Buy for 28.00 received 67 channels crystal clear. But I only watch 2 channels. I am a minimalist. I am gonna build a tiny home. I have decided the Amazon Firestick 4k is my best bet since I am a prime member already. I checked out the discovery but they want 4.00 a month. I can afford free. I am ok now, always have been. Thanks you have a great mind.

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