Peek a Boo

We have an old dog pen that is in the corner of the backyard that is roughly 15ft x 30ft the grandkids call it the secret garden because it is secluded and you do not know its there.

It is almost hidden the fence has Cana lilies and trumpet vine growing on the fence and towering over the fence is morning glory bushes 8 – 10 ft. tall. On the inside and outside are purple showers. There are spider lilies, day lilies Louisiana iris and paperwhites.

There is a large bird house a few several small birdhouses and bird feeders as well as what was intended on being a tadpole frog pond that needs the liner replaced but it might become a new turtle pond.

Sometimes you get a surprise and the friendly peek a boo squirrel will peak his head out of a bird house I think he is trying to make it his home he is enlarging the hole see the shavings on his face.

There are always birds in there eating the seed I put out and most of them are not that shy.

There is a bench to sit on and enjoy the view you are hidden from anyone seeing you that’s why its called a secret garden.

I truly enjoy the wildlife and I am grateful they like the secret garden.

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