Birthdays and Anniversaries

Cricket turned 9 months on November 2 she has finally started jumping and lets just say I feel her power when the ground shakes beneath me.

Our daughter Jeanelle thinks she is about 135#s I am thinking 120#s. Either way this is one big girl. Hopefully this week we can get a weight on her.

She had a training session at the park with people playing basketball, kids playing soccer, Tennis lessons going on and lots of people walking and running and nothing seemed to bother her. That was a lot of distractions and the trainer and I were both surprised she did so well.

Hopefully I can get some new pics this week.

Our wedding anniversary is today and its been 42 years. We have lived in the same house for almost 42 years its crazy when I think about it.

This week we got to put a new upstairs unit in for our central ac and heat that was $4500.00. I am very grateful we had the cash to pay for this. We did not have to replace the outside unit thank goodness that would have been another $5000.00.

I guess this was our anniversary present to each other.

There is 24 acres behind us and the far 12 acres is for sale and is pending sale for $660,000.00.

A cousins house down the road is for sale for $465,000.00 it is on 4.65 acres.

This area is very hot in the real estate market right now which is a good thing if we decide to sell.

Life is GOOD we are very blessed and thankful.

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  1. That is what Rooster weighs is about 120 pounds he gets lethargic when I had him up to 150 pounds. And the ground does shake when they want it to. I hope you never experience Cricket running full blast playing and then accidentally hit you. Rooster did that to me. I thought I was gonna die. He knocked me about two feet in the air, both shoes came off I still don’t understand that. Every bone in my body hurt. The next day I felt better than I have in my whole life. It’s crazy. A good friend of mine bought 18.5 acres for a little less than 20000 over by CR 48 and 288. He sold it last year for 535000. Gave all the money to his kids. Sorta like an inheritance while he was still kicking.


    1. Cricket gets frisky with the cold weather and she has been running full blast and hit me. It leaves a bruise so I am working on her not doing this. She’s very good with her commands I just have to stop her in her tracks from a full blown run. I know that did hurt these dogs are so powerful.

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  2. Oh, as far anniversaries go. I was married 31 years on Oct 27th if I was still married it would of been 37 years. She was a good wife. Now she has moved an RV in my back dog pen and I am glad to have someone capable to rescue me in case of an emergency Rooster does not tolerate anyone coming into his pen.


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