Making noise

Sometimes when I am outdoors shooting pictures I might shoot in front of me and then turn around and shoot behind me and I forget to check my camera settings. I use manual camera settings on my camera because I like to control the lighting.

There are times I can end up with a black image from lack of light which most of the time I delete. Changing directions often means changing settings. Sometimes I want to see what it is. That is when editing comes into play.

This picture was totally black but when I edited I loved the way it looked with the noise in the image from lack of light.

Therefore I kept it so I could show you sometimes mistakes do pay off.

Click the title of this post to see the bigger image so you can see the noise I am talking about.

2 thoughts on “Making noise

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  1. At first, I was alarmed. I use to shoot guns just about every day but now we have houses and children in the area. Now I only shoot snakes. I was relieved when you said camera.

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