A busy week

Over the last week it has been quite busy for me.

I had a follow up Arterial doppler to make sure my stent it working correctly and that no other issues have popped up. All is good.

My yearly mammogram and I got the call back the same day all was good.

Our daughter Jeanelle and I made a road trip to Waco, Texas it was a little get away while Pappy watched the kids. With her four kids you just need to make sure you have enough food.

Sometimes just getting away for a few hours is good for your mind, body and soul.

Life is good!

One thought on “A busy week

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  1. Yes, (LG) life is good. Another year comes to a close. My prayer is it is a good new year for all. I am glad that your health is good. Keep up the good job. Really enjoy your post and find your pictures amazing. Especially the sunrises and sunsets. Gonna set up two security cameras for I can record all sunrises and sunsets. I get to mesmerized to go get my phone and snap a picture. Who would of ever thunk a phone would take a picture or you would buy water at the store. When I listen to the radio I stop and wonder what’s in that water we pay for?

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