Tiny hidden cameras

Times have changed and todays technology is above and beyond anything we thought we would ever have.

The tiny cameras that monitor your property for example Ring, Blink etc. are amazing. Some cameras can monitor what is going on 300 foot away.

You can watch your yard or the neighbors yard some have audio and you can hear conversations.

This takes everything to a whole new level.

These new cameras can replace those nanny cams and be hidden to watch a babysitter for your children or a caregiver for the elderly. If you suspect someone could be taking advantage of someone you love then this is your solution.

They are so small you can not see them and if you are monitoring to keep an eye on the neighborhood or for the well being of a person they are being used in court everyday.

You can even hide them in the hospital or a nursing home. If you suspect a nurse that is not showing your loved one respect this can be the proof you need to get her fired.

You might see things like your neighbors unexpected shopping trips and spending about $5000.00 that included a high dollar vacuum cleaner.

You might see theft at the neighbors house or teenagers going through cars in the middle of the night.

Either way this is the way of the future, big brother is always watching so make sure you are on the right side of the law.

It is your right to protect your loved ones and your property.

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