Crickets trainer

This is Amanda who is crickets trainer from Pearland K 9 Training. She is a CPDT-KA certified trainer with three years experience.

She and Cricket get a long great. Cricket has learned sit, stay, come on, down, leave it ( such as a treat etc). She will be learning let go this next week.

Then Cricket will be moving to socialization at the park. We have not been to the park since we have been isolating so this will be interesting for us both.

Walking down our street your not going to run into any people that are walking so there is no socializing her that way.

I want to be able to take Cricket on walks to the park and even to Petsmart or Petco without worry. With three dogs we would have to take turns going to the park.

We took this picture to show off Crickets size I think you all can tell she is just a tiny little 7 month old puppy.

It has been great working with Amanda I highly recommend her if you live in our area.

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  1. Excellent. I am so glad that Cricket is getting training. I wish that Rooster had skills especially socialization skills. He walks on a leash real well, sits, lays down, and stops whatever He is doing when told. But he is just out of control when it comes to strangers. Especially if they are armed.

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    1. Well I think the socialization is hard right now under the circumstances we have all be under. The only way to socialize a dog is get them around more people. We could always take Daisy or Zoee anywhere they were both very socialized. Crickets caught the raw end of it since we have been isolating and with her size we have to fix this.

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  2. I am gonna raise Boerboels after Rooster is gone. And the mama’s will be socialized. It seems as if Cane Corso, Boerboels, and Brazilian Mastiffs are not gentle giants automatically. Like most mastiffs.

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