Medical Insurance vs Cash Pay

I needed to get an MRI and I have not met the deductible of my new insurance.

My cost was going to be $3300.00 needless to say I canceled the appointment.

Our daughter Jeanelle told me to call back and get the cash price.

It will be $394.00 for the MRI and Approx: $95.00 for the radiologist to read it. Less than $500.00 this is so crazy.

I called back and made a new appointment and it is one day before the other one was.      I will be paying cash and smiling that I saved a bunch of money in the process.

MRIs and I do not get along so this time we are trying Diazepam 30 minutes before and another at the time of the test if I need it, nighttime sleep mask, and earplugs. Hopefully, I can get through it.

I am normally not claustrophobic but there is something about the MRI that really bothers me. I think it is the combination of the tunnel and the noise.




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  1. You can do this. I’ve only had one, it was pretty scary, but I knew nothing worse then the noise would happen. Hope it goes well enough for you. Crazy insurance. Good to know about the cash option.


    1. What I do not understand is when I was cancelling the first appt. why did they tell me their was a cash option? Is it because they make a lot more money off insurance and they do not want the public to know?


  2. Good.. often times the self pay options do save wasn’t that way before, but since the laws have changed it’s better.. since insurance companies were given adjustments then it’s only fair practice to give individuals the same adjustments..(is the way I understand it).. good luck with the mri..

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    1. I think we all need a break from medical cost since its so out of hand. Now if someone would get a hold of these insurance companies for a cheaper alternative than paying $200 + a month for medical insurance.


  3. I made it through the test with just one pill. When someone has asthma adding in the face mask is bad enough but I had to put a rag over my eyes I was not allowed to use the sleep mask. Other than that it was all good.Results Wednesday afternoon. My friends husband was working so he convinced me I could do it.


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